Homemade Jewelers Clamp

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Homemade Jewelers Clamp
Homemade Gifts
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a gift from Hans, this will be very useful…EVT braze on gadget!

#festivefriday – Christmas Crafts
Homemade Gifts
Image by Shoon Shoes
There is nothing quite like Christmas to get the creative crafty ideas flowing, we have picked three of our favourites for you to try.
Homesewn decorations
If you love the idea of a Christmas craft evening with a few friends, Stollen, Snowballs and having a go at making some jolly felt decorations inspired by festive folklore, then this could be the perfect party for you. Lucy (our social media Christmas fairy) has been to such seasonal soiree and these are her ingredients for a very merry evening of sewing, socialising and good cheer.
You will need; Colourful felt, coloured thread, needles, buttons and trims and stuffing
1 Choose designs for your decorations (Christmas puds, Stockings, Robins, Tree, Bells).
2 Cut out main template shape (x2, front and back) and additional design details.
3 Sew all pieces of design onto front template shape, plus any decorative details.
4 Add stuffing and ‘Blanket stitch’ the front and back together with a contrasting coloured thread.

Christmas clay
There is something quite therapeutic about a bit of modelling, these simple Christmas shapes require no more effort than a little gentle rolling, cutting and painting. If there are any tiny elf-like helpers nearby then some seasonal model making will add to the festive cheer.
You could of course make your own salt dough for this, although I prefer the speed and ease of air drying clay – essentially, one less thing to clear up.
You will need; Air drying clay, rolling pin, festive cake cutters, paint, glitter, pen
1 Roll clay to 1cm depth.
2 Cut out festive shapes and make a hole in the top for twine.
3 Dip into paint and drip dry for a smooth finish, or just paint if you don’t mind the odd brushstroke.
4 Add glitter.
5 Write name.
The lovely thing is they can be used as tree decorations once unwrapped – an added gift.

Old news made into good news
Paper, the material of choice for homemade advent calenders, Christmas bunting and ball balls alike and when it comes to ‘paper based’ projects you can’t go wrong with a little bit of good old brown parcel paper for a traditional, simple, rustic look. Given a bit of red and white twine and you have the Scandi/folksy Christmas look nailed.
However, the paper of the moment to bring a touch of nostalgia and a nod to more frugal times to any Christmas craft project is that of the written word. Old books turned into Christmas trees and newspapers made into festive bunting or quite simply used for wrapping.
My personal favourite (as suggested by Jon, our Creative and with thanks to Tom and Barbra) are The Good Life Christmas crackers. 70’s with a sprinkle of the 2014’s makes for a very sustainable Christmas.
How to make your own ‘Good life’ crackers
1 Newspaper of choice broadsheet or red top as suits – choose your suppliments wisely.
2 Paper hat making skills – glossies for added shine.
3 Jokes – What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow (HO HO)
4 Gifts – should be homemade of course.

Glorious garland
From rags to riches, this colourful garland is another great way to use up leftovers and off cuts to make a magical welcome.
You will need; A foam ring – about 30cm diametre (check out your local haberdashery) and some scraps of colourful material.
1 Cut material into approximately the same size lengths (20-25cm)
2 Keeping the material flat around the body of the ring, double knot on the outside edge.

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