Hidden Nature S11

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Hidden Nature S11
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Image by Alkhymeia
I love how nature explodes in my imaginary world 😀
A polymer clay creation 100% handmade.
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Christmas Magic 2
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Image by Calsidyrose
"Look at what Mommy did to Mikey!" Suzie says. "Don’t worry," says Daddy, "She’ll un-tape your brother before New Year’s Day." Back cover of a "Scotch" Brand Tape Idea Booklet. From my personal collection.

the Yule Lads’ home
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Image by Anosmia
I peered into the cave and saw possessions in there…clothes strung on a line, blankets, a coffee pot. At first I thought it was a handicrafts gift shop, but then I realized how ridiculous that was. Were homeless people living there? Outlaws? Cannibal cave dwellers? It creeped me out so I scrammed! I realized I hadn’t seen anybody for quite a while, even though there were plenty of tourists around. That suddenly took on a hint of menace, given what I’d seen in the cave. Then I saw a girl on a rock ledge in the distance; she looked like she was wearing a long black and red cape and it looked like she was staring at me. I was expecting her to yell, “Hey! I’m here to ferry you across the River Styx!” Then she was joined by a friend and I saw that they were simply taking photos.

According to Icelandic folklore, Dimmuborgir is the home of a homicidal troll named Grýla, her third husband Leppalúði and their sons The Yule Lads/Yuletide Lads. Though Grýla has psychopathic tendencies, the children aren´t quite so murderous, and are more mischievious than anything. Originally told as a scary story to stop children misbehaving, the Yule Lads have now been merged with the idea of Santa Claus. Children either get gifts or rotten potatoes in their shoes at Christmas depending on whether they’ve behaved well or not.

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