Hawaii 1988 Macademia

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Hawaii 1988 Macademia
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Image by gumtau
The first Mauna Loa macadamia nut plantation was planted in 1946, and the first commercial crop was harvested in 1956.

The visitors center is a tourist attraction with its self-guided tour of the processing plant (viewed from the outside on a second-floor walkway due to safety and sanitation concerns) and large gift shop with homemade macadamia nut ice cream for sale and free samples of every flavor variation sold by the company. It is located at the address One Macadamia Road, near the town of Keaʻau at 19°39′24″N 155°0′33″WCoordinates: 19°39′24″N 155°0′33″W.[1]
[edit] Sustainability

The company promotes sustainable green causes, and is slowly working to become totally carbon neutral by reducing its dependence on conventionally generated electricity – particularly those involving coal and crude oil. At the main production facility, the company owns its own steam generator, which uses plant waste to generate electricity used in the harvesting and packaging of its macadamia nuts.[2] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mauna_Loa_Macadamia_Nut_Corporation

J showing a Blanket
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Image by dlewis5
We are packing gift for our trip to Russia with GAiN. We are taking baby blankets and some small dolls.

J is showing one of the baby blankets.

Valentine’s day greeting card with gingerbread and words – I love you
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Image by wuestenigel
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