Halloween 2020 – Will It Be a Trick or a Treat?


This year has been scary enough – do we even need Halloween? The answer is YES, more than ever! We need our holidays to help bring us unity during these trying times. Holidays help us feel like we are part of a bigger story. Taking part in holiday traditions helps us reflect on family and help us build community with those around us. Halloween incorporates all of those things along with a healthy dose of spooky fun.

So, on the checklist for Halloween 2020 should be all of the following activities: trick-or-treating (social distancing observed with small groups), costume parties (at least with your immediate family, and we’re already used to wearing masks, right?), and of course Halloween decorating – inside and out!

Decorating the home for Halloween is one of the people’s favorite pastimes. Some prefer to go with a heartwarming look, complete with pumpkins, scarecrows, and autumn decor, while others like to create a spookier abode with ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night. No matter your personal preference one thing is certain: decorating is essential to Halloween.

When you put up Halloween decorations on the inside of your home, you provide an opportunity for the entire family to appreciate the season together. This will be especially beneficial for 2020 when many are staying inside more often than in previous years. And whether your family members help with the decorating or not, they will certainly reap the harvest of their “haunted house” all throughout the Halloween season. And if you do happen to have a few guests over, it will be a big hit for them as well. (No visitors during the pandemic? Fear not. Online virtual parties will still let you show your home off)!

For the outside of the home, it’s even more important to make a statement this year, for Halloween 2020. From a simple glowing pumpkin on the front porch to an elaborate haunted scene on the front lawn, complete with pulsing lights, spooky sounds, and animatronics, your participation in this holiday of frightful fun lets everyone in the neighborhood share a common tradition and come together in a unique way.

As to when you should start decorating for Halloween… Is there a better time than now? For those who experience a weather shift, the first time you feel autumn in the air, it’s a good indicator that Halloween season has arrived – let the decorating begin! That cool, crisp air immediately conjures all the feelings we associate with the Halloween season, along with visions of glowing jack-o-lanterns, mulled apple cider, hayrides, and loads and loads of candy. Is it any wonder that some of us want the season to last as long as possible? Best of all, the longer we can celebrate our favorite seasons, the longer we have to enjoy the fun, family, friends, and togetherness that these seasons bring. In summation, if you have not already begun work on your Halloween home, we hope you soon find the inspiration to begin. The frightful fun of Halloween is looming large and coming behind it is a parade of witches, ghosts, princesses, and superheroes looking for their treats. We trust you will be ready. After all, no one wants their home to be caught not wearing its “costume.” Happy Halloween to you all!

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