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Gift Chu 1
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Image by almyki
Name: Nameless
Brand: 5StarDoll
Sculpt: 1/4 scale, ‘Chu’ sculpt, Girl Body, Normal Skin
Mods: The face eyewells have been slightly enlargened and the nose has been sanded flatter. The lips have also been sanded flatter and thinner.
Faceup Artist: almyki (myself)
Wig: 6-7in Monique, Synthetic Mohair, Straight Black
Eyes: 12mm SafrinDoll Acrylic Brown
Outfit: Dollmore hanbok set. Includes jeogori (jacket), chima (skirt), sokchima (underskirt), baji (pants), and hairpiece. The little hair ring is a separate accessory bought from Dollmore as well.

This doll was given to me by a friend who was making a change to their collection years ago. I’ve had her, who knows, three years? She came to me modded into a zombie lady, with scar tissue sculpted on top all over the body, and I originally tried to work with that concept. After some time and a concept painting to see if I liked my idea, I decided it wasn’t working and cleaned her up completely, scraping off the mods and sanding down any little leftover scratches.

After that, I kept trying to come up with things she could be, and my last idea was to make her into the traditional Korean beauty that I haven’t been able to find a doll for. I got brave and decided I’d attempt some face mods at this time too, in hopes to make her more palatable to me and a bit more Asian-looking. I feel okay about my results, but I wasn’t happy with what I did to the lips, haha. But I thought her face looked overall still nice.

Unfortunately, because she had a facial ‘scar’ for so long, even after I scraped it away and sanded the surface well, I could never apply a faceup without some ‘blotching’ and unevenness occurring due to… some chemical reaction that must have happened in the resin. It was a mighty frustration for me until I realized WHY faceups would never turn out smooth.

I feel like I put in every reasonable effort to make her into something of my own, and put a pretty penny into various accessories, wigs, and so forth to bring the ‘Korean beauty’ concept to form. I felt like I was fairly successful so far when I saw her displayed in my room, but something still never clicked for me.

It took me this long to figure it out, but I finally understood the exact reason poor Chu could never really capture my affections the way my other dolls so far have done. Even if she manages to look and dress nicely, I just don’t like the way she feels when I hold her, pose her, or touch her. The weight, the jointing, the resin quality, all of it together just didn’t click for me, and I could never fix that with makeovers or clothing or new character concepts.

So, recently I finally made a decision to return her to the person who gave her to me, and it’s sort of a breath of relief. Something about not being able to understand why I don’t like a doll really bothers me, so I’m happy to have discovered something about my personal tastes.

I feel sad for little Chu, because now we’ve had all this history, but our chapter together has finally come to a close. I decided I’d finally take a few decent pics of her, since apparently I NEVER bothered to do so in all this time, before finally returning her for good.

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Gift Ideas
Image by marchorowitz

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