Emily Dickinson: As Through a Glass, Darkly

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Emily Dickinson: As Through a Glass, Darkly
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Because I’m terrible at writing thank-you cards, I shot this for my friend Ellen, who was kind enough to give me this volume of Emily Dickinson’s Complete Poems as a belated Christmas gift.

Also see the setup shot.

Yes, I know the circular-object-makes-a-heart-in-a-book meme has been done to death. I’ve done two myself. So here’s one more.

PS "Through a glass, darkly" is from 1 Corinthians, not from Shakespeare, as many people think. It refers to mirrors, not lenses (hee) or windows; the entire verse refers to us not fully understanding things now, but that we might come to understanding in the future. I thought it appropriate because I am terrible at poetry explication, particularly Dickinson, so it takes me a while to understand what she’s getting at. 🙂

Inspired by this much better Valentine’s Day shot.

Strobists: Lit from behind (directly above the camera) with a Canon 580EX at 1/8 power, with a 6" homemade cardboard snoot on the front.

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