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Desk-top Address Boxes (Homemade Gift)

Some cool Homemade Gifts images:

Desk-top Address Boxes (Homemade Gift)
Homemade Gifts
Image by redpepperflakes
Address Cards: from old scrapbook paper & magazine subscription inserts – trimmed, corners rounded, chalk ink on the edges, stamped on the lines & added colored stamps. Boxes: cheap unfinished wooden treasure chests from Michael’s (disassembled and stained/sealed). Dividers: trimmed down pack Staples. I used rub-on letters on the tabs.

often imitated, never duplicated
Homemade Gifts
Image by zappowbang
I asked for a pack of Field Notes for the holidays last year, and recieved the awesome homemade version on the left. Bought a pack a few months later, and thought I’d lost the other two in the move only to just dig them out of a box today – huzzah!

We still use the red one, just ’cause. Thanks Mom!

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