Covid-19 Response Shop Now Open

Covid-19 Response Shop is not something we thought we’d put on our site, ever, but here we are.

The popularity of our Medical Mask Hooks is overwhelming. We’ve sent hooks to almost every part of the country as well as Canada. We donated one hook for every one sold. This allowed us to donate over 3,500 medical mask hooks to our hospitals and medical workers in Georgia over the past 2 weeks.

Our medical mask hooks have been featured in the Awards and Engraving online magazine as well as the Advertising Specialty Institute’s online Promogram.

Our clients also began asking us if we provided masks and other protective equipment in our Covid-19 Response Shop. This prompted us to look at what else we could provide which would help people in this extraordinary time we now find ourselves in.

covid-19 response shop

The Covid-19 Response Shop now includes masks, neck gaiters, t-shirts and some other protective wearable gear. Our t-shirts were specially created to celebrate our medical heroes all inspired by our medical mask hooks. We also decided to have a little fun with our designs as you can see below. Most items can be personalized with a logo, design or photo.

covid-19 response t-shirt
covid-19 response shop

Our ultimate goal is to donate 50% of our profits from our Covid-19 Response Shop back to our local medical community from the proceeds driven from our store. This will also help us to provide more free medical mask hooks to our local community hospitals now and in the future.

covid-19 response face shield

We’ve even found an interesting face shield which can be attached to a “dad cap” and worn to the store or wherever you feel you need it.

You can find all of our items in our store under Covid-19 Response Store.

If you would like to recommend other items, or are looking for something in particular, we are always open for suggestions. Just email us at the link below or give us a call at 833 INK-WE11 or 833 465-9311. We’d love to hear from you and help provide you with products you can’t find anywhere else.

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