COVID-19 Crisis Tip: How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one of your prized possessions. From the very moment, it was given to you, accompanied by a promise of love, it became something you swore you would never take off.

Perhaps some time has passed, and you have found reasons to remove your engagement ring from time to time. But it is still that one piece of jewelry you count most precious. You keep your ring always close at hand because it symbolizes the devotion of the one always close to your heart.

Enter 2020, where everything is different. Yes, the one who gave you your engagement ring is still the love of your life, but life as we had previously known it is changed forever.

Now, businesses have shuttered or found new models to stay open.

Now, we all pretty much work from home.

Now, our children are being home-schooled.

Now, more than ever, we WASH OUR HANDS.

Since the COVID-19 crisis, handwashing has become a huge part of our everyday life. It has made all the difference in keeping the coronavirus at bay and in helping reduce its spread.

But what does that mean for your engagement ring?

Should you leave your ring on during this extensive handwashing?

Should you even be wearing your ring during this time?
And how do you keep your engagement ring clean and sterile during this time?

During this time of quarantine and stay at home orders, the most effective way to keep your engagement ring clean and safe is to remove it before you wash your hands.

Having your hands free of all obstructions during washing will ensure that your hands will be clean and germ free, given you follow the guidelines of the CDC. It will also give you a chance to clean your engagement ring separately. The best method for that cleaning, no matter the materials of your ring, is actually with water and basic dishwashing liquid. You should avoid using any household cleaning agents with bleach, chlorine, etc., as these may harm your ring.

Simply place your engagement ring into a small bowl with warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to let it soak for a few minutes. Then clean your ring with a soft toothbrush, clean washcloth, or non-scratch sponge, making sure you gently get each and every spot. Then, rinse with clean water and dry. And depending on your drain hole, it’s always a good idea to keep it covered so you don’t accidentally lose your ring.

After you have finished cleaning, washing, and drying your engagement ring, make sure your hands are also clean and dry before slipping it back on. This will help keep germs from finding a place to grow and thrive.

Hope this has been helpful. Please stay safe and well out there, everyone. Thank you for reading. Please like and share this post.

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