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A few nice Homemade Gifts images I found:

Nutty Banana-Chocolate Muffins
Homemade Gifts
Image by yummysmellsca
Moist and nutty, these slightly sweet muffins are rich and moist from ripe bananas, buttermilk and peanut butter and a great source of protein from hemp powder.

Shanghai Birthday Shingidinanigans
Homemade Gifts
Image by Jenn Farr
Shindiginanigan /ˈshin-dig-nan-i-guhn/

–noun Slang.
a party that involves Drag Queens, cupcakes, karaoke, homemade party hats, dumplings, free champagne and prizes

2010, Pat Dennyism

** NO GIFTS – seriously**

Come for dinner.
Come for karaoke.
Come for both!
… and stay for free champagne & cupcakes @ midnight !!

♥ Dinner first:
7:30 to 8:45 pm
we’ve got seats for at least 12… since many of us are fashionably late and the kitchen stays open till 1am I think we’ll be fine no matter how many wanna eat

♥ Then drinks and karaoke!
Show up any time after 8:45pm
NOTE: the place can get packed so don’t dawdle!
NOTE ALSO: Kitchen is open til at least midnight 😀


Prize for the best homemade party hat!

Trophy for the best karaoke performance!!!


Anchor Hocking water glasses (eBay pic)
Homemade Gifts
Image by goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)
…I wanted a couple of these so-called "boopie" glasses, because I intend to buy a table and set it properly for Thanksgiving this year, thank you very much, and I’d like to have something other than Mason jars for water glasses when I do.

These were the cheapest I could find, because according to the listing they were "dirty," and filled, inexplicably, with miniature Christmas ornaments that had been sealed inside them with glue and paper. (I’m guessing they were once a homemade party favor or hostess gift that got stuck in an attic somewhere for fifty years. There’s no evidence they were a real product.)

So the glasses arrived and I opened them up, dumped the ornaments into a bowl, and washed them up. They’re completely fine. Two "vintage" glasses for six bucks! (They’re currently going for about to apiece. No idea why, when there’s practically an unlimited number of them available online, but probably every woman my age is picking some up and bumping the price.)

The ornaments are tarnished and look their age, but they’ll be fine on our mini tree, so I’ll keep ’em. Well, except for that red plastic one. I tossed that because I didn’t like it.

Fast forward:

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