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a la cuisine’s generous gift
Homemade Gifts
Image by snowpea&bokchoi
SO couldn’t attend, so ALC graciously prepared a ‘doggy bag/box’ for me to take home with two slices of his fantastic tiramisu.

Example uses for vintage/recycled paper stickers
Homemade Gifts
Image by cathredfern
Stickers for sale in my Folksy shop

1. Uses for vintage/recycled paper stickers: scrapbooking, 2. Uses for vintage/recycled paper stickers, 3. Gift tags from vintage & recycled paper stickers, 4. Uses for vintage/recycled paper stickers: scrapbooking

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Homemade candybar gifts
Homemade Gifts
Image by mijke schaap
those are my chocolatebars with biscuits, cranberries and pistache in a cute giftwrap!

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