Cool Homemade Gifts images

Some cool Homemade Gifts images:

Thick Crossed Buns
Homemade Gifts
Image by yummysmellsca
Every Easter these spicy, fruit-studded rolls crop up in various incarnations. Some say they actually have pagan roots in Spring Equinox rituals, and that the monks simply added the cross to convert people to Christians! This is my version, a fluffy and not-too sweet type with orange peel,Craisins and dark raisins, topped by an unsweetened flour-paste cross.

I made these for my dad this Easter.

Homemade Gifts
Image by California Bakery

Wedding Order of Service
Homemade Gifts
Image by Salicia
Photograph of my handmade "Order of Service" for my daughter’s Wedding.The bow at the top of these Order of Service had an extended ribbon which allowed it to be draped across each guest seat at the ceremony . I hope some of my wedding crafts have given our Brides to Be some inspiration. Happy Wedding Planning !

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