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gratitude wallpaper_16:9
Homemade Gifts
Image by dontstealmypen
Aspect ratio: 2560 x 1440_widescreen

i ♥ chalkboards_always have! I love the playful, random, graffiti look of chalkboards. In school, I used to ask my teachers if I could stay in for recess and play on the chalkboard. Now that I think about it, it was like tweeting in chalk & the more the merrier! Gratitude just seemed like a good general topic for a screen saver and a good thing to think about to start the new year. 🙂

Challenge: Beyond Layers_Wk #50_4 jan 2013_Desktop Wallpaper Challenge

Image Adjustments:
• file_new_system pref_displays_image size_2560 x 1440 px_res 72 pixels per inch (ppi}_RGB color_8bit_bkgd white

Layer Adjustments:
• ① kk chalkmagic_col bal_red -27_grn +53_blue+19_hue/sat_h-28_s-31_L+25
• clone_soft rd_normal 100% opac_100%flow_aligned_all layers_clone out dark patches_switch to hard rd brush_clone out blurry patches_switch to soft rd_clone to blend_normal_85% opac_85%flow
• new layer_text_font_JohnLennon_Today’s Assignment_reg_56pt_crisp_default white
• new layer2_hard rd_pencil_9pt_normal 100%opac_draw line under Today’s Assignment
• new layer_text_font_JL_How Do You Show_font_chalk-hand-lettering-shaded-dem_Gratitude
• new layer_text_font_handmade apples_"?" (question mark in title >Gratitude)

Continued adding new layers…
• new layers_dsmp doodles_pencil_hard rd_5pt
• smudge tool to create smears
• new layers_text_used the fonts listed below…

• homemade apples by Font Diner_(question mark "?")_gratitude is acknowleding the people_fontspace

• chalk-hand-lettering-shaded-dem by Fonts Cafe_(in title_Gratitude)_fontspace

• TEN O CLOCK_by CloutierFontes_Gratitude is sending a birthday card_fontspace

• Sixties_by CloutierFontes_Gratitude (is reciprocating…)_fontspace

• Schoolbell_by Font Diner_gratitude is telling someone how much they mean to you_fontspace

• homework (smart)_by Colorful Typhoon_Gratitude is writing a thank-you note_fontspace

• ClassProject NBP_by Total FontGeek_Gratitude = actions_fontspace

• JohnLennon_by Analia Wainer_Today’s Assignment_share your thoughts_Extra credit_fontspace


• chalkduster_system font_Mac OS X 10.5_gratitude means helping out in times of need

• Pea Elle_by Fonts for Peas_gratitude is when someone does something nice for you_gratitude means doing something to show your appreciation_Kevin & Amanda

• Pea Sugar Noodles_by Fonts for Peas_gratitude is doing the right thing_Kevin & Amanda

• Schoohouse CursiveB_system font?_Mac OS X 10.5_Gratitude is giving back

• The girl next door_by Kimberly Geswein_"There is no duty" ~Cicero_dafont

• Original Olinda Style_by João Paulo Angelina_A Wise Man Once Said_dafont

• DK Crayon Crumble_by David Kerkhoff_is reciprocating when it’s your turn_Gratitude is letting someone know when their gift has arrived_dont cheap out_fontspace

Fontspace_free downloads

Fonts for Peas_Kevin & Amanda_free downloads

dafont_free downloads

Kim Klassen_Beyond Layers

Done in PS CS3

Suet Feeders
Homemade Gifts
Image by Chiot’s Run
The boys at the farm we get milk from were selling suet feeders this summer to raise money for a trip (with pastured suet from their farm). We bought some for Christmas gifts. I made some cute tags and they were a big hit!

Homemade peppermint bark in a gift jar
Homemade Gifts
Image by 305 Seahill

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