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A few nice Gift Ideas images I found:

Wedding Favor Card packs
Gift Ideas
Image by
A set of cards in their boxes which I designed for Oxfam Unwrapped’s wedding gift idea.…

Holiday Gift From Flickr
Gift Ideas
Image by sea turtle
All photos are in Explore. Ha ha. Or they are at least "awesome".

Check your photos here.

I (heart) Flickr.

1. Memories of Cute Baby Foxes, 2. Please Stay On The Trail, 3. Needle at Sunset, 4. The Little Foxes, 5. The Cake, 6. Stone Stacks, 7. Balance, 8. Elliott Avenue,

9. "Hot Doughnuts Now!", 10. Miss Broadway Pageant, 11. Smiling Beach Guy, With Volleyball, 12. More Beach Volleyball, 13. "Caution: When In Contaminated Water, Do Not Swim Aggressively Toward Fisherman", 14. Yawn, 15. Big Sky, 16. Marian, ~1958,

17. Sweet and Chocolatey, 18. Family Portrait, 1970’s, 19. Ghosts of Christmas Past, 20. Spirit of the Season #1, 21. Sweet, 22. The Vertigo, 23. Purple/White, With Yellow Accents, 24. Playful,

25. Balancing Act, 26. "No Dancing"?, 27. Stretching Bunny, 28. Unstable!, 29. Bright, 30. Into the Sun, 31. Potato Chips NO, 32. Storm Over Mount Blanca,

33. Clusters of Pink, 34. Happy Autumnal Equinox!, 35. Silhouette, 36. Fish Guy 3, 37. Caution: Do Not Rest Arms on Armrest!, 38. "To me, they will always be glorious birds.", 39. Great Idea!, 40. Attack of the Killer Logs,

41. Long Holiday Motel, 42. Pink With Red Stripe, 43. Umbrella in the Fountain, 44. Dessert, 45. Be The Ball, 46. Wooden Mining Structures, 47. "Welcome Mariners Fan", 48. Tainted Love,

49. Boat Dude, 50. Synchronized, 51. More "Mom", 52. Ghosts of Christmas Past (adorable), 53. Ice Cream, 54. I Don’t Blame You, Honey, 55. "Damn you, Alferd Packer! There were seven Dimmycrats in Hinsdale County, and you ate five of them!", 56. Did You Ever Have the Feeling You Were Being Watched?,

57. You gotta have heart!, 58. Sometimes No Words Are Necessary, 59. Sweet Dessert, 60. Reunion at the Fountain, 61. "urinary droplets"??, 62. Chocolate Heaven, 63. I Think They’ve Covered Everything, 64. Scofflaw,

65. Well, That’s Good, 66. Thanks For the Clarification, 67. Apparently, No Hiking, Either, 68. I Can’t Wait to See the "Live Entertainmen ", 69. Scratch, 70. Airborne, 71. Batter’s Box, 72. CT Scan…

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