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bright swan mother with her cygnets & the 150,000 new DOMINO HOT SPOTS !!! & the NEXT STEP invasion of public streets & the birth of PRIVATEERING & why the old testament is blatantly anti-Semitic & and why you really ought to see this coming in advance..
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freedom of choice

"In ancient Rome
There was a poem
About a dog
Who found two bones
He picked at one
He licked the other
He went in circles
He dropped dead
Freedom of choice
Is what you got
Freedom from choice
Is what you want"

the domino’s hot spot corporate invasion against public spaces has begun. there are now 150,000 hot spots where you can "receive ordered pizza."

in legal terms, this means that there are now 150,000 places in public where DOMINO’S can surveil and control and force their transactional business into our lives — parks, street corners, office parks, building fronts, museums. use your imagination. either way, these are anti-liberty forms of economic terrorrism.

on the surface this may seem like a good idea to the obese, the lost and the lazy who feel that domino’s pizza is a healthy substitute for real food. or maybe they just can’t see that domino’s "pizza" will become one of the dominant home/hot spot delivery FOOD corporations. you think they won’t be able to get you an enchilada in six months if this invasion tactic goes unchallenged by the american people. do you think grubhub and a thousand others will want the same legal rights to use public space for PRIVATEERING?
and is this even really about FOOD or is it about LIBERTY?

regardless of the answer, under the surface, this is GREED masking the real agenda of corporations — to take over more public space and to inflict their transactional relationships on those who have nothing to do with the pizza being delivered on time.

because i live in a city, i can see in advance how this will go. we’ve watched how the fake shell companies like LIME and SCOOT have skirted the law with their transport/mobility apps and illegal business models. this invasion is happening all over the world, so don’t think it’s a war against america.
those damn tourism bikes supported by FORD AND CHASE are perfect examples of the first-pronged attack in this form of invasion.

2004, lyon france for the first model.

but as an american (that’s what "the people of the united states" call ourselves regardless of how others are trying to change that) if you support these ILLEGAL BUSINESS MODELS you are supporting a form of anti-American terrorism. it’s called economic invasion hegemony.
and though these are the "baby steps", you will soon see how this will destroy american jobs at a level never seen before.

in our city, we’ve suffered the HORRENDOUS lack of driving skills from UBER and LYFT drivers. they suck and are listening to machines telling them where to go and they don’t follow the law. they do what they want and what the machine tells them.

and they are merely a TOOL-step for the corporates who are SLYING introducing AUTOKAR (pilotless vehicles) while using the illegal business models of UBER and LYFT to deflect from the public noticing.

but now DOMINO’S is invading 150.000 new spots across the united states with their DELIVERY agenda that doesn’t require an address.

soon, AMAZON will have large containers for storage that will be on every block where there was once empty public space.

then, GOOGLE will want their STORAGE BINS and eventually, there will rapidly become the equivalent of VENDING MACHINES everywhere in public spaces force-feeding their unnecessary and capitalistic goods onto the public.


Pizza fanatics rejoice! Domino’s now delivers to select popular locations without traditional addresses like parks, beaches, and more.

Select "Find Nearby Domino’s Hotspots" to view a map of Domino’s Hotspots close to you. You will be asked to share your location.
Build and place the order of your dreams.
Meet your driver at the Domino’s Hotspot by the Estimated Delivery Time to receive your order.
Pre-pay online with credit, debit, or gift cards. We’ll send you text notifications that provide updates on your order.

honestly, when will REAL americans realize that the pursuit of happiness was the least important of the three proposed unalienable/inalienable rights:
adjective: inalienable
unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor.
these are the three of those:

"the preservation of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

It is listed last on purpose, not because it is HOLLYWOODD’S brainwashing drumroll of importance that has intentionally been erasing the first two for decades.

back when these "philosophers" who made this country wrote this document, they listed the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST. if you don’t believe me read the TEN COMMANDMENTS. that will give you some clarity on how "arrangement" was an essential matter of importance. they weren’t "clustered group lists". they were hierarchies expressing the order of thought and importance and superiority.

and these white faced neo-post-europeaners were, after all, low-level slave-owning, theosophist christians who believed in so many fairy tales, including the hebraic inspired new testament gospels in which RADICAL USURY theories are promoted through "redemption" stories and "liberational salvation" stories of new territories, new lands. paul spends his books sailing around touring the Mediterranean sea doing magic and starting riots after all.

so think about it, the old testament is truly a "history" of a people that allegedly spans more begattings than i can count or picture. one whole book is like a weird sex poster tree of daddys and their sons. a literal sausage fest, a "patriarchy list" of who the fk is who? and the other books are written by sporadic people and often FAKE attributed to others. not unlike how TRUMP now believes he wrote his own ghost biography.

anyway, in these books everywhere these apiru people travel into they meet mysterious new people.

sadly, at the end of every one of these stories the new people usually end up attacking the apiru people or enslaving them or holocausting them for their unfriendliness.

we have been told this story of muhammed as well.
in the 700s, i believe.
go ahead and look it up.

but either way, when reading these books, the pattern was that the apirus fomented an ETERNAL HATRED for the hebrew people wherever they went.
which i always thought was weird.
i was forced to go to church when i was young and i hated it.

dead jesus is gross. his whoring mom was just a 13 year old who got knocked up and said it was god’s baby?!?!
and people fking believe that?!?!?!
that was the part that stunned me
they would rather believe in GOD and JESUS as a GOD that admit that mary, like a million other girls was knocked up by her MUCH OLDER boyfriend??!!?!?
"god’s child" meant BASTARD offspring.

so forgive the fk out of me but i’ll need more than a bookful of miracles to ever believe that.
that’s CUCKOLDING and it’s the sickest and most ancient disorder of the human sex condition.

it’s fking GROSS.
and to build a religion of cuckolding is spiritual FAILURE and the true meaning of sin. it’s a LIE that fks itself and wants others to watch and participate.

it’s a twisted death cult that celebrates the lies of its disgusting inception.

but hey, i mean, the old testament is a really hateful book, too about how people treat each other, isn’t it. there are NUMEROUS GENOCIDES listed.

in fact, when you think about it, keeping a recorded history of these things is also a HATEFUL thing to do IF it is useful for teaching the .00000000001% how to maim, murder and manipulate the remaining humans. and it is.

so really, the bible itself — mostly the old testament, as the new testament is all sci-fi "hey we met new friends at the silk road and told stories that a greek family wrote down like a giant book full of pretend authors all describing an imaginary event that never happened".

and the book with all these books in it became a hit on the reading scene. after awhile, people forgot it was all just a fantasy book written by a greek family.

but let’s not get sidetracked.
let’s now look at the LIST of unalienable rights, which apparently, according to the fantastical american "philosophers" of the constitution belong to ALL PEOPLE, not just americans.

NOTE TO YOURSELF>>>>> this is the declaration of independence.:

"We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness"

are we REALLY following our own constitutional agenda established by these philosophers?

it is clear that our FIRST AND FOREMOST unalienable agenda should be to PRESERVE LIFE. or at least discuss the meaning of that word and what it means when the same unalienable rights of people elsewhere are involved.

and this isn’t VAMPIRE THEORY unless your spirit is misaligned against humanity. VAMPIRES WANT TO DRAIN YOUR LIFE. these piscean vampires still dream of extending their old lives; they agree to the spending trillions of dollars on old-age fear-generation propaganda and "new aladdin’s lamp technology" while keeping childbirth stuck in its painful, primordial state, simultaneously forcing men and women to conjoin in FAKE lifetime unions and take house loans in order to raise children, to give up their lives to the procreation cycle and its maligning forces against humanity and our spiritual development.

these are the disgusting world-wide usurers who build dams and reroute rivers and steal the water rights of PEOPLE. they generate famines, wars and diseases and then sell shtty food, weapons of mass destruction and put AIDS and EBOLA into their least resistant enemies.

they are the BiNDERS and builders OF the pusurit of happiness SOCIETY and they exercise their THIRD rights at the hurt and suffering of others FIRST RIGHTS while menacingly holding out heaven like an iPHONE lit up in the night.

they are those who are invested in the THIRD listed "pursuit of happiness" clause and never really signed on for the "i’m curious about what the LIFE part means and how our "forefathers"> all agreed that human life was equal and further, we were all a part of their creator and that this space alien had given us UNALIENABLE rights which a government was supposed to protect.

they want to missionarize the world and bring their strange story of capitalistic invention and cartoonery. they want to paint naked babies playing harps on their bedroom ceilings. they’re fking weirdos compared to US.
but we don’t think like that anymore.

we are all about other things and still riding around on a constitution based on a "declaration of indepence" that we don’t even give to our fellow americans?

isn’t it really just a historical thing that we don’t even understand anymore or care much about?

we throw out the clips and and the quips and the phrases, but we’re not war-torn or lost at the races.
we are wasted and wasting, but we’ve got food and water and access to choices.
but we don’t want no freedom!
ask devo.

the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was created to protect the "holiness" of this choice.
this choice to generate a new world based on the these steps and the like. the goals aren’t EMPIRE BUILDING in anyway whatsoever.

and the line up of social development is to first preserve life (or at least discuss what the word LIFE means if it is an unalienable right to ALL living people). when ALL life has been preserved, the spirit of true LIBERTY will be heard.

we have never heard this voice and is it really even something we want anymore? do we long to hear LIBERTY speak?
or would we rather have domino hot spots and hovering skateboards?

it really is a choice and we can choose freely and honestly, stopping this stuff isn’t going to happen.
what can change is our spiritual impact by being conscious and participating in the shifts instead of blurring our lives with entertainment and disinterest and distraction.

when you read old poems and stories, one thing that becomes eve clear is that we do not really change.
we are always advancing and revising and shifting and betraying one another.
we are always killing each other and treating each other badly.
that’s why the declaration of independence is so cool.

it was different for its day.
it wanted to protect the future from other fictional outlooks.
they wanted to create a future where the pursuit of happiness was lead by the roaring voice of liberty.
guess they’d be ashamed of how far off they were on their intellectually "purple prose" philosophy".

aw shucks, not everyone can see the future.
but now you know it, so you can watch it happen.

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Message in a bottle….!!! (#2 of 52)
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Image by Fountain_Head
(SOOC + Crop)

Idea conception: My wife 🙂
Photographer: Myself…!!!

This week also it is a photo from home. My wife came up with the idea of taking shots of this beautiful gift she had with her. When we started looking at the initial output, we found that something was missing. Once again, she came up with the idea of using a candle light to ‘lighten up’ the picture.

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