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Valentine’s Day Victoria
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Image by myvirtuallady
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, express your passion with this lovely red Pin-up Girl. Valentine’s Day Victoria is for anyone who want to celebrate romance!

it’s just life in the castro, scott richard
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Image by torbakhopper
an essay from earlier this year:


pay the man
foster the people
"i was laughing really hard until my teeth fell out…"


it doesn’t matter whether you believe in cheesecake or jesus or any other conceptual idea that might “save” the people. the truth is less simple — that is, the human condition is permanently attached to SELF-INTEREST. this is an alliance which cannot be undone.

some people call it soul.
some people call it “inalienable” rights.
it doesn’t matter. but it does affect the way we inter-relate to all other things.

traditionally, the development of morality has jogged alongside this INSEPARABLE co-dependent relationship, biting at the heels of life like it was a real thing instead of a sentimental apparition. which of course pissed morality off to no end. so much so that the moralists started to notate transcriptive codes to keep a record of the human condition’s burgeoning relationship with the accoutrements of SELF-INTEREST.

and, much like the “declarations of independence” (both versions) purport, there is no escape from this condition of INVESTMENT. that is, the co-mingling of SELF-INTEREST and the unchangeability of the human condition are YOKED together permanently. and the way this yoking unfolds is what we call the HUMAN STATE and this is regional and varies muchly across open land and sea… and it appears permanent.

unless you untangle the code.
or, at least that’s what some ambitious people think.

their agenda is to DECONSTRUCT the historical process and “untie” the “genetics” or DNA of the smallest piece. it’s very POST-SWINDLE monadic philosophy that is based on the cahoots and shenanigans of the LORD CARNARVON, who managed to successfully trick the whole world into believing in a fake egyptian pharaoh of no importance and stocked an entire tomb with replicas made by british jewelers and metallurgists as well as some crappy artifacts pilfered from “less popular” tombs and then transplanted back to the “find site”.

and everyone sucked it down like it was delicious because it was!! so many people had just been slaughtered in wwi and the very air itself, one would be led to believe from the literature, was filled with a creative desire to shake off this SPECTRE of gloom and death. just think about those streaming barges and tarot cards from T.S. Eliot’s poetry in 1923. and how his poetic visions swept over europe along with decorative fancies of egyptian gold and fashion. it swept over the islands and the european continent like that strange dance the macarena did in the late 20th century in the u.s.

historically, king tut ruled for a brief time period of several months and died and NOTHING else was known of this character. that’s why he was chosen — no one knew anything about this “fake pharaoh” of a few months, so there was no history to contest the work of HOWARD CARTER. so when he fell under financial threat from LORD CARNARVON, he quite willingly stocked the fake tomb and prepared it for “discovery”.

weirdly, we have HARVEY MILK as our modern KING TUT in the united states. he had a very brief career as a politician before he was murdered by his coworker for cheating and lying and going after his own personal SELF INTEREST. but “fake jewish” hollywood with sean penn in tow would want you to believe otherwise, as if MILK were some kind of hero when he was a sad piece of human sht masquerading his desperations on a public scale from a flickering moment in time. he made people want to kill themseves (he preyed on much younger desperate men) and he made his own coworker want to commit murder — dan brown could have just shot george, but he also shot milk out of sheer PERSONAL HATE, which is not a "hate crime” as the liberals would lead one to believe. he literally HATED harvey, not gays. he didn’t kill harvey for being gay. he killed harvey for begin HARVEY. and we should kill harvey’s FAKE HEROISM, too. he was gross. do the research. and as a person who has grown up constantly relegated to the "gay community" by heterosexuals, all i can say is that i don’t want that DITCH standing up for our community!!! there are so many better choices and we don’t have to accept "FAKE JEWISH" hollywood’s attempt to take over the whole community with a LOSER’s FACE on the stamp. fk that!!!

and so we can stop it this time, unlike KING TUT, a boy-man of little historical interest/note, lacking in merit and longevity. LORD CARNARVON got away with his HEIST and king tut has moved into the status of cultural icon. to this lesson, i say, BEWARE OF STATUE MAKERS. they want to control you!!!

but to those who would make HARVEY MILK a hero, a true FKU!!!!

and to those who bow before a GAMBLER like LORD CARNARVON, you’re exactly the reason for the NONARCHY — we don’t need no fking liars to make the HUMAN STATE worse than the HUMAN CONDITION.

so let’s not pretend that it wasn’t ENTIRELY the spirit of SELF INTEREST (under the USURER’S control) that guided howard carter to his historical "revelation". it was not true anthropology. the exact opposite. it was FRAUD and DECEPTION and USURY that made it all possible.

and as a result of this, we have ended up with a really shtty FAKE history that also includes dinosaurs — an advent that was quickly descending on the GAMING community of europe when the USURERS started to see the magic of alchemy in these schemes.

but must we be PLAYED on this LYRE to this day? has not the song of these strings grown thin with our intelligence? do we not hear and see through these shallow tunes?

the dream of the decoding has many endings.
for what is it to unwind this bond between SELF-INTEREST and the HUMAN CONDITION?

for me, if you really want to unwind it, get rid of PARENTS.

take away this title and the whole GENETIC CODE of science loses its value.
and this is the solution.

besides, the bloodline feuds always end the same way.
and i’m not suggesting that the new endings will be necessarily different.
i’m suggesting that by changing the unchanging variables, at least we won’t be hitting the wall in the same dreary fashion forever.

so dump the MATRIARCHY.
and let’s skip the futile PATRIARCHY that so desperately wishes men weren’t enslaved to the women they hate.
let’s skip over that senseless age of the MACHINE and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. the patriarchy is a LOSER’s dream.

it’s ALSO a little boy’s dream about controlling his mother and making her do his bidding. it is an adolescent role-reversal syndrome. we don’t really NEED to control our mothers. that’s absurd. and we certainly don’t need little mommy’s boys ruling the earth!!!

instead, what we REALLY need is to get rid of mothers.
we need WOMEN who give birth, to keep going on with their awesome lives instead of STOPPING STANDSTILL and giving everything up to obsess about their output. i can’t tell you how many awesome women i have seen come to a full halt in their intellectual and spiritual development to have a baby. and they NEVER returned to their path. their path was OBLITERATED by their birthings. their path was HIJACKED by those babies.

and many of the women i know didn’t pick good husbands. so they live in the shadow of this bad decision and stew out their days as if another life will come along and things will be different. and this is a lie.

it’s kind of disgusting and everyone knows this, but to soften the blow of it all, they lie and say stupid things like, “aren’t babies cute?”

no, not really.

the rest of us know this, but we so often just nod our heads and look at the doughy, squirming little thing.

maybe if it is sleeping it might look cute, but let’s be honest, it’s the FRAILTY AND ABSENCE OF MEMORY that makes them earn the term “cute”. babies don’t look cute? if you pushed it out of your own body, you will probably want to think so. that’s natural because we’re trapped inside a matriarchy that gives all the post-birthing control to the woman. and this is foolish. it makes the child into a gaming chip that can be over-valued, under-valued or traded in for other stuff.

sideways, this SAME FRAILTY is what gives USURERS the access point into controlling the way "FAMILY ENGINEERING” — a somewhat modern idea — affects growing populations. where do you think INSURANCE comes from? the usurers are like the bestialists — they want to take over your reproduction cycle and rights. that way they can foist their chains upon you in the form of dependencies — baby needs a new minivan! baby needs some new shoes! daddy’s out banging the nanny. mommy’s on opioids. isn’t it nice? sugar and spice…

in my estimation, eliminating parents also eliminates BROTHERS and SISTERS and AUNTIES and UNCLES and all manner of wayward connections that can alter, molest, transform, deform, malform, bless, benefit, etc. the infant, the child, the adolescent, etc.

at every stage in this fragile creature’s development there are wayward human powers that can tamper with that little creature which cannot defend itself.
even the perfect mother and father can’t be perfectly present all the time.

so the control should be given to a community of CAREGIVERS.

end of story.

we can argue about the nature and function of the care givers, but the kids need care and it doesn’t matter who the caregivers are as long as they are SKILLED AND ACCOMPLISHED in their ability to give consistent and constant care during the work shift. and these caregivers should be highly admired and well-taken care of by the liberated class of men and women who will no longer be enslaved to USURER’s feast of terrible options that are now currently served up — there will be no more health care for their kids that are not theirs; they will not be endlessly saving and scrimping to clothe and feed and entertain and educate their child; there will not be anymore school loans for their college. the WEIGHT of children for the "parents" will disappear.

imagine the absence of those things in a human child’s life!!! what a great gift to be loved and tended without the repetition of a mother or a father! to be free to be FREE from this arbitrary attachment to offspring. and for the elder humans to be free from the shackles of the USURER’s tricks and loans.

and this lack of MARRIAGE will eliminate divorce. people will be able to choose to live/cohabitat in pursuance of their own needs and desires, but they will not be enslaved by permanent bindings that the production of children now creates in most societies.

besides, if we are being honest, each of us know in our hearts that children don’t need parents. they are like dogs for the first few years of their lives — they will love anyone, and this is terrible and sad and yet a truest reflection of the unprotected human state.

this is also true with “being in love”. you can find someone to do that with. there is no “one”. you have thousands of “soulmates”, which tourism and travel has taught us. we are everywhere in all people. that is our beauty and why we disdain one another.

in our current system in the united states of CHILD ENGINEERING with its intrinsic ties to money-lending, some children get lucky and their parents give them care and love and success. others aren’t so lucky. others can’t take loans for houses or new cars or education opportunity.

and in ways of this nature, ways that are outside the control of the PARENT, most children are damaged. most children experience a sense of displacement that has been constructed around visible and invisible class cues. they can be marginalized, neglected, abandoned, misled, etc.

and these children’s parents, their current caregivers, their own dear parents have ALSO grown up as a product of this system of competition and assessment and value and judgement. the parents are ALSO the final product of this system, and this system has taken their lives and indebted them to work and to formula and to perpetual repetition. the parents have been enslaved by their responsibility to their offspring whether they accept this or not. and this can lead to drudgery and a system of recurrence, a schedule, a reduced way of living as a coping mechanism.

a brujo will tell you, "if you want to kill magic, add repetition to everything you do." it is a warning regarding authenticity and that art of being genuine.

be a robot, end magic.

robots dream the infantile dream of the wannabe patriarchy that has NEVER ARRIVED and NEVER WILL ARRIVE. it is the dream of the adolescent, pre-teen control fantasy of the pampered boy-child — in this mixed up dream world the patriarchy becomes a FABRICATION based entirely on the "enslavement of women". but as history has taught humans over and over again, slavery creates its own vortex of deniability.

a robotic patriarchy is a mirage because men cannot be trusted to control themselves. they are simply incapable of trust. and i mean EVERY MAN.

so the balance between a real matriarchy and a fake patriarchy in places like europe and the united states has created the illusion of stabilized societies. the same is also true in most places around the world (with places under islamic rule having the fakest patriarchy demonstrations against the REAL matriarchy.

obviously, the real power continues to lie in the woman’s power-hold over child-rearing while the male struts about pretending to build monuments to his own glory or boasting about his bad ass love affair with some imaginary god he read about it in an ancient text. but it’s still a revised matriarchy everywhere you go. there is no patriarchy to be seen and none has ever existed historically on any scale in the human condition.

either way, the one consistency with all this breeding nonsense of the USURER’S fist is that PARENTS fail their children.

and it’s therefore important to remember that in the end of this system, most DAMAGE to children comes from their parents or other parents.

sadly, the damaged children by these parents love to go out and damage other kids.
pedophilia for example: the average pedophile is a heterosexually identified father.
the average pedophile infects over 100 children.

but these stats don’t follow the thread. they are afraid to do the math on the little MALE MONSTERS that they have created. the numbers start to go exponential and the reality of this INFECTION against kids is UNBELIEVABLE. so much so that people just want to deny it. but it won’t go away. it will embed itself until it is ROOTED OUT and DESTROYED/ASSIMILATED.

this is THE TRUTH. cry if you want, but saving kids from this horror is a really cool thing. so trying saving kids.

to do this, we have to figure out how to unravel TIME and history in a manner in which we can eliminate the role of parents in society.
the first power we receive as a society from this move is that women and men BEGIN anew as PEOPLE. there is no more compelling reason for SPECIFIC BREEDING CONTROLLED PATTERNS. you don’t have to be rich/ to rule my world…

men and women will no longer have to remain enslaved to one another because of offspring. nor will offspring carry separatist futures that distinguish themselves from others in an artificially contrived ways based on USURY’S power-hold over economics and the transactional nature of SELF-INTEREST inside the human condition. they built a STATE out of this WEAKNESS and used BREEDING REWARD$ as the temptation. “if you fall down before me and worship at my feet, i will give you all of this" [gestural arm swing toward the horizon]

besides, we should be fully aware at this point in TIME that this cultural fetish for holding on to procreated offspring SUPPORTS the aristorcractic/dynastic model for relationshipping. it is the SKELETON AND FLESH of modern politicking. and it fosters the same-sex hate that spurs on the weaknesses of the HUMAN CONDITION and forces it into a BIPOLARIZED state — those who have power and those who do not.

and it ALWAYS FAILS and ends with war. the struggle for power, romulus beating remus to the wolf teat.
sideways, it ALWAYS benefits weapon dealers/makers, drug manufacturers/vinters/bottlers and LIES.
and, ARTIFICIALLY, it always promises a better life somewhere else, even if that life is after death. i mean, come on, you don’t really think you’re going to get to meet king tut, do you?

i just can’t enough of you, scott richard
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Image by torbakhopper
an essay from 2012:


you see, the food wars, which are ceaseless forever, are going to take over the drug wars and the energy wars, which have held sway, naturally, as the piscean age closed.

in the piscean age, the model for energy exchange was two fish with their mouths hooked together and a line of wire between them. the symbolic meaning is that the two fish, independent from one another, but bound in mortal opposition, would seek the extremes. one fish would swim into the depths and race downward while the other fish moved toward the light and swam toward the surface. when the tension on the line binding them together reached its limit, the two fish would both be jerked back toward the center point of the fishing wire that enslaved them. that moment was witnessed again and again throughout the age and is documented by the notion of the hero — the exultation of the individual ideal, the king, the messiah and the personal jesus, the social martyr and the bombers, the suicidal rock stars and the geek computer lords…

but the aquarian age is marked by a completely different symbol.

the lines of energy have been detached from an object of any kind — the metaphor is two zig zag lines which move in parallel union.

so instead of moving in opposite directions, the energy, like two strokes of simultaneous lightning, race in one direction together like a skier on a slalom course.

the speed at which the new age will move will be much faster and it won’t be constantly returning to the same points of fear and destruction that the piscean age was plagued with for two millenniums.

however, the aquarian symbol is known as the "water bearer".
and many people mistake aquarius for being a water sign.
it is not a water sign.
the person who carries water is not the water.
they are a messenger warning us of the value of what is carried.

and, technically, this messenger is to prepare the simple message — the next age, the age of capricorn, is the age of the machine, the robotic era where new life is only redefinition and unknowable from this age.

aquarius is the stabilized air sign. it is about intelligence and mental dexterity.

so this is a call to all who feel like the oppression of the piscean age resulted in a mental explosion of strength and power.

the food wars need every great mental intelligence to choose a side and enter the war/race against the oppositional powers which would seek to impose chemical and nutritional and spiritual genocide on others.

the best way to really join the war is to change your own personal diet and turn your attention to better breathing. this simple shift, if practiced over time, will also affect every aspect of your personal perspective. you will be drawn into the strategies of this war which are every where around us in their invisible, but dominant and suggestive states.

and remember, the rate at which lawyers are proliferating in this country is a terrible sign.

the art of manipulating the law is and has always been an abomination in civil societies. at first, it seems necessary for making sure an innocent woman or man is not falsely imprisoned, etc.

but we really don’t need many lawyers for that, do we?

so lawyers end up taking their twisted, evil, selfish and anti-human techniques of mental and litigious coercion and schooling into the social work place and leisure place. they start imposing their training in areas that have NOTHING to do with protecting people.

here’s a map that depicts some of the realistic statistics about how the cult of "lawhood" has infected this country. since 2001 there has been a 17% increase in the creation of these mentally damaged humans.…

check it out and then ask yourself, should humans be "legally" allowed to be trained to be lawyers? if you look closely at this article, many of these lawyers are going to be jobless soon. what will they then do with their wicked mental training skills? the answer is obvious, they will take it into every work force/field and start using it against their coworkers.

and i’m going to assume that many of us are aware how badly injured a company or corporation can be if the levels of infighting adversely damage the holistic entity. no matter how good your ideas/products/services are, division within the ranks can permanently keep the greatest gifts of the human consciousness from blessing the species.

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