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Some cool birthday gift ideas images:

Pataphysical Time Travel
birthday gift ideas
Image by fabola
The good doctors at Pataphysical Studios gathered at Dr. Rindbrain and Dr. Judy’s home on a rainy Saturday to contemplate the passage of time and make art about it.

We celebrated Dr. Skidz’ 70th birthday in style, with small gifts ranging from an illuminated tie to an antique telephone, hearty spirits, a nice chocolate cake and stock in the Mind Shaft Society.

We then discussed our first sketches and models for the Time Machine — and sketched out more ideas about our next pataphysical invention.

We enjoyed this opportunity to cheer our old friend and design our upcoming time travel experience together.

Fire in the hole!

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Day thirty
birthday gift ideas
Image by magiccyril
30/365 – Lovely day ~ Bill Withers

The postman woke me up this morning, he had two packages for me. The first one, my correspondence course for my National Vocational Qualification of photography (sorry I’m not sure of the translation, in French it’s "CAP photographie").

The second package was a present for my birthday. A really close girlfriend, who lives in the north of France sent me some candies, chocolates, and biscuits. She wrote me in a letter : "because you don’t want to come in the north, the north comes to you".

And yesterday I also had another present from other friends. A coupon for cooking courses : and it’s a wonderfull idea.

I wasn’t expecting all these gifts, thanks.

A lovely day is beginning !

strobist info:
a beautiful sun thru white curtains

camera info: Nikon D300 | 50mm | ƒ/2 | ISO 200 | 1/125s — Handheld

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