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birthday gift ideas
Image by Dave77459
Yesterday was Jamie’s birthday and I gave her stuff. The most love filled gift was these bento boxes… or it will be, when I know what to put in them. I want to make her lunch every day, showing her my love to supplement the words I give her every day.

So, I’ve gotten some really good suggestions on sites to visit for information, but I want your ideas. Do you bento? If so, what do you like to make?

Suggestions, please! Please?

crazy freestyle button necklace, for brandi
birthday gift ideas
Image by tizzie
Brandi’s real birthday present. I seem to like making things out of buttons, and those are her favorite colors, so I had to give it a whirl.

Brown buttons came from The City Quilter, orange ones and the green one from M&J Trimming, li’l green ones from my stash.

I liked the way the ribbon worked out. I got that and the jewelrymaking supplies at Michael’s. The jewelrymaking aisle still frightens me very much inside, so it was very brave of me. I bought a package hilariously named "Lobster Mix," whence came the lobster clasp for the end, the terrifyingly named "ribbon clamp" for the other end, and I got the tiny 32-gauge jewelry wire after totally failing to keep the thing together without it, because I have no idea what I’m doing at all.

I think I went a little heavy on it but it totally worked, so I allowed it. I bought a wonderful necklace made out of buttons from Etsy, and it uses the same wire to keep together and looks nearly invisible.

Using buttons you sort of have to fight their inclination to flip over, though. Still figuring that out.

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