Color Page to use for Thanksgiving or in Thanksgiving Placemat Craft

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Color Page to use for Thanksgiving or in Thanksgiving Placemat Craft
Design Gift Ideas
Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
Set with all the instructions, parts,

For the kid on the go. This is another option for the Thanksgiving Placemat idea. Have them color this and then glue/attach it to a large wallpaper sample page or 1/2 sheet poster board, then clear contact it for them on the spot for use at Thanksgiving Dinner with the family! If you have them do it ahead of time, run to your local print shop and have the finished product laminated!

Newest How-to Video:

the tutorial which links to all the parts to make a Thanksgiving Placemat, my gift to you for personal or small group use only. No commercial use whatsoever.

As God’s Word is free and available to all, so is this.

Using Moving Boxes During the Holidays
Design Gift Ideas
Image by nedearl393
During the #holidays, we get carried away with our decorations, our gifts, and our house. One of the most common items among these things, though, is #cardboard boxes. Where would you be without these trusty containers? They make it easy to store like items for the year when you’re not using them, and they also serve as great totes for carrying a lot of little things from one part of your house to the other.

But rather than talk about the trusty six-sided cardboard containers you see all the time, we’ve gathered a few lesser known variants of cardboard that serve unique purposes, especially when moving. Check out these specific boxes and some ideas for their uses around the holidays.

Dish boxes to store ornaments.
One example of cheap moving boxes is dish boxes. These boxes have partitioned dividers that are meant to keep mugs and glasses separate from one another but still in the same box. This is the perfect container for loose orb ornaments that are fragile and more expensive, like any ceramic or glass bulbs you may have. No matter if you’re transporting the ornaments or just keeping them away in storage, this type of box will do your ornaments wonders (and help to put your mind at ease).

Transporting smaller gifts.
Using cheap moving boxes as transport containers for smaller gifts at holiday family functions eliminates the need to haul around a huge plastic tote. It also allows you to have all your gifts in one place so that you’re able to hand them out when the time comes and not have them scattered or misplaced.

Picture frame boxes for signs.
Seasonal wall-hang signs are very popular among holiday decorations, whether they have imagery or simply state phrases like “Let it snow.” Rather than storing them piled up in a box with other odd-shaped items, think about packing a few in a picture frame box.

Boxes like these are great for all of your unique #decorations. Some other ideas include using lamp boxes for pencil trees (and miniature stand trees) or even putting coils of Christmas lights in other picture frame boxes you may have.

Overall, save your standard cardboard boxes for wrapping gifts and storing bigger, bulkier decorations. Put to use the boxes on this list when you want to ensure your delicate or oddly shaped items are in good shape from one year of use to the next.

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