Bottle Engraving Brings Cupid to Local Vine in Atlanta

Bottle engraving at Local Vine in Atlanta brought out the cupid in shoppers this Valentine’s Day. We walked in and there were over 10 people lined up waiting for us before we even arrived! We knew we had a fun and busy day ahead of us when we saw the line. We loved the fact the store did a great job marketing the engraving experience for their customers. It always makes a huge difference in the turnout.

bottle engraving

Our engraving is extremely popular in the Atlanta area. We have been engraving wine and liquor for over 4 years. Our CEO, Desiree Colonna, is a Certified Master Engraver. Her husband, Joe, helped color the bottle engraving with a silver or gold finish.

wine engraving

We engrave wine and liquor bottles with a hand-held high-speed drill. We engrave a calligraphy font on the glass creating thin and deep grooves which are then filled with a gold or silver metallic color. Our bottle engraving experience is very unique and takes a lot of skill and patience. However, our engravers are some of the fastest in the country. We average 60 seconds to engrave one bottle. Needless to say, we were busy engraving the entire 4 hours!

bottle engraving

This engraved bottle was created for a gentleman getting married in August. He is going to present this to his fiance on their special day.

Many of our guests follow us online all year to find out where we will be engraving. This lady had us decorate a bottle of liquor to celebrate her first night in her first home.

bourbon engraving

Another lady had us engrave a bottle for her friend for Galentine’s Day.

lady with liquor bottle

Our client, Local Vine, was very happy with the results and we helped them sell more wine and liquor than usual. They have already booked us to come back for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas again this year.

filling the engraving with color

If you are interested in having your wine or liquor bottle engraved (or fragrances too!) we would love to work with you. We can create this activation at most any event and take up very little space. We also have many people who bring their bottles into our studio. Contact us here or call us at 833 INK WE11 or 833 465 9311. We’d love to make your next gifting occasion even more special!

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