Best in Branding Award from Advertising Specialty Institute

A Best in Branding Gold Medal was awarded to Inkwell Designers® this month (June 2020) in Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) Counselor Magazine and given a gold medal for our Medical Mask Hooks branding campaign. We were also given an innovation mention for our on-site event activations.

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We were very honored ASI recognized our innovation and hard work during these tumultuous times. Our Medical Mask Hooks, or ear savers, are worn with elastic, disposable masks. We were motivated to help come up with this solution when our friends and family members who were nurses complained about how sore their ears were after 8 to 10 hours of wearing their masks behind their ears.

We looked around at other ear saver hooks offered, created one out of hard acylic and noticed the first one we made broke within 10 seconds of use. We knew there had to be a better way. We found a flexible acrylic which worked well with our S-shaped design and we were off to the races.

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Our company then donated over 3,500 medical mask hooks to local hospitals around Georgia. We were also featured in a case study on the ASI website which led to the Best in Branding gold medal in Counselor magazine. The nurses and medical staff were extremely excited and told us our innovative medical mask hooks worked beautifully. We’ve since received orders for them from around the United States.

We were also recognized in Counselor magazine for our innovative on-site event activations which we perform around the globe.

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We offer calligraphy, embossing, engraving, painting, calligraphy, sublimation and other artistic activations at events around the world. Our event activations were our most popular offering before the Covid-19 virus hit the event industry hard in March, 2020. This is one of the biggest reasons we decided to pivot into making our medical mask hooks.

It was a gamble that paid off big not only for our company, but for the thousands of people who use our medical mask hooks every day. We’re proud to say we found a way to sustain our business as well as help others who need our best in branding offerings. We look forward to resuming our event activations very soon and we’re watching this industry very closely.

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