Berry Preserves with Grandpa’s Sherry

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Berry Preserves with Grandpa’s Sherry
Homemade Gifts
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Strawberries macerate overnight in sugar before being lightly cooked and laced with vanilla and sherry. I used my grandfather’s homemade brew for the alcohol to give my grandma a little piece of his love this holiday.

Adapted from The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving, Second Edition: Over 300 Recipes to Use Year-Round by Ellie Topp and Margaret Howard.…

.. and then there was a delightful surprise!
Homemade Gifts
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1. I am thankful for recognizing a number of things I have been doing simply because it has been the way I have done the thing for so long .. even though it stopped working effectively for me a while ago. (eg. My phone service provider.)

2. I’m thankful for coming to terms that although I have been a loyal Sasktel customer for nearly 20 years now I think it might be time we went our different ways. I’m thankful for their valuable service over the years but it seems that we are no longer what the other is looking for in a customer/service type relationship. I wish them well. I am officially looking for a new direct communications service provider. It feels so weird. We have been together for so long. They have so many really smart people employed there but it seems like their talents are reigned in so they can’t help customers as well as if they were more empowered. [sad face] Oh well, two months to see what other service providers have on offer. Hopefully they empower their people better.

3. I am thankful I made it out to Tony’s India Foods on Victoria Avenue for beans and spices! I really like it there! Tony and his customers are always so friendly and helpful! One of his customers actually helped me rearrange my beans for the journey home. Incidentally, have you ever smelled dried fenugreek leaves? I quite enjoy the aroma! 🙂 The cool things I get to learn from my visits to Tony’s India Foods! 🙂 If you are friendly and kind I recommend you shop there .. if you fancy yourself a grumpy old fart that wants to be treated like cattle I recommend you shop at a Superstore. 🙂 You’re welcome, I’m here to help! 😉

4. I am thankful that there are still snap dragons, pop-in-jonnies (mini pansies), the odd rose and some other flowers I don’t know the names of yet still blooming! In November! In Saskatchewan! 🙂 So pretty! 🙂 (see first comment below)

5. I am thankful for all the notes and various communications of well wishes for my birthday (this past Monday). All the important people and even some surprising extra wishes! 🙂 I wished to get to hear my favourite nephew’s voice for my birthday and although I haven’t heard his voice yet, he did send a note! 🙂 My favourite niece made me a note with Spongebob Squarepants on it. Any opportunity to break out in song of the Goofy Goober is a mighty fine day! 🙂 I heart homemade gifts! 🙂

6. I am thankful for the light, soft, colourful, scarves I have collected over the years because they are perfect to tuck around my neck, under my jacket in this weather .. and I accidentally look like a fashionable grown-up! 🙂

7. I am thankful it is staying warm enough for me to get my large windows washed this week before snow.

8. I am thankful that I am becoming more aware of signs that indicate change is coming. For example; the hares of Wascana Park have already turned white on a significant portion of their body to indicate it will snow soon. I hear Edmonton has hares that have already turned all white. (Winter, she’s a comin’!)

9. I am thankful I replaced the baking soda I had! I made the most horrible pancakes over the weekend and weeks before I made bad dumplings and biscuits. The horror. Tonight I made the best biscuits I have had/made in a very long time! I can hardly wait to a future weekend to make much better pancakes. Especially now that I found a suitable syrup replacement! About half a cup of low fat yogurt, a large very ripe mashed banana, lots of cinnamon, and either brown sugar or honey to taste (I like about a teaspoon or so). I quite like it smothered on my pancakes and it doesn’t make me temporarily become brainless and then crash to feel crappy like pancake syrup does .. gotta like that!

10. I am thankful for these book trailers from Brain Pickings. Most of them anyway. I found the trailers after reading/watching You are not so smart videos.

11. I am thankful for Steven Pressfield’s post about being out of his comfort zone.

12. I am thankful for Hazel Dooney’s way of working as an artist. She talks a bit about of her ways of working in an interview on The Zone (9:44). Dooney recently spoke at TEDx Brisbane. You can read a transcript of here talk, At TEDx Brisbane. I recommend the TEDx transcript more than the video.

13. I am thankful for you and your loving ones! 🙂
(Lucky 13!)

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