Atlanta UV Printing Creates a Special Baseball Heirloom


Our Atlanta uv printing company was contacted by a client to create a special baseball heirloom for her family. She wanted her father’s signature uv printed on a baseball as a gift to her husband. Her father had passed away in March from Covid unexpectedly. Her father and husband talked baseball all the time and she wanted something very special to give her husband to remember her dad. He had always wished he had a baseball with his father-in-law’s signature. We were able to make that wish come true with uv printing!

uv printed signature

The only thing she had to give us was a piece of paper with the signature on it. We had to digitally remove the lines and all the writing around the signature to make it work with our uv printer. The image had to be completely clean and perfectly dark to create the best print on the leather baseball. Our Atlanta uv printing team was up for the task! We used our Illustrator and Photoshop skills to digitize the signature and make it print-ready.

atlanta uv printing machine

We then took the baseball and placed it into our Atlanta uv printing machine from LogoJet. We sent the digital file to the machine and ran a few tests to ensure it would all work and look amazing. UV printing requires a special skillset to ensure everything prints exactly as the file on our digital screen.

atlanta uv printing

The final result was remarkable! We were able to capture the signature and uv print it right on the baseball perfectly. Our Atlanta uv printing team was excited when the baseball was finished printing. The Atlanta uv printer ink bonded to the leather surface and will not scratch off. It is bonded for the lifetime of the baseball heirloom and will bring this family many memories to come for years.

handwritten signature on a baseball

If you have a special baseball you’d love to add a signature to, our Atlanta uv printing team is more than ready to help. Please contact us at (833) INK-WE11 or 833 (465) 9311. You can also create a phone appointment at

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