A Wonderful Gift

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A Wonderful Gift
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Image by Gamma-Ray Productions
Got this signed photograph from Madness’s guitarist Chris Foreman because I was the 1000th message on the ‘Chris’s Cupboard’ page on the Madness Website.
L-R: Lee Thompson, Mike Barson, Mark Bedford, Dan Woodgate, Chris Foreman, Carl Smyth (Chas Smash), and Graham McPherson (Suggs).
Photographer Unknown.

Here’s some facts about who they are: Madness is a British ska band that debuted in the late ’70s and were a British success throughout the early ’80s, mostly due to their singles. They were popular for all ages in the U.K., Europe and Australia though they had limited success in North America, their single ‘Our House’ being their one-hit wonder there (the song was recently used in coffee commercials). They disbanded in 1986 due to conflicting ideas and stress with the loss of Mike Barson, the band’s keyboardist and major songwriter/disipliner. They played Madstock reunion concerts (Barson included) in the ’90s and have now just released a new album, "The Liberty of Norton Folgate." Their trademark ‘Nutty Sound’ has become a U.K. national treasure as they continue to write and produce music.
Major mention should also go to their producers, Clive Langer and Alan Winstantley, who both helped make the band so popular.

Gift Ideas
Image by top10things
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