5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Christmas Gift


There have been many opinions shared on the subject of Christmas gift-giving, but there truly is an art to the process. Of course, you can always just give someone a gift card, or cash in a card, or maybe even a pre-made gift basket or box of holiday goodies you ordered online. These gestures will certainly be appreciated but are these real examples of the perfect Christmas gift?

There is a familiar phrase that we have all heard before: “it’s the thought that counts.” This is a very wise statement indeed, but we would be doing the quote a disservice if we didn’t really examine what that “thought” actually means.

If you really want to give someone the perfect gift, there should be some thought that goes into the shopping and selection. We understand this does require a little extra time and patience, but we can assure you that this investment will make the giving experience exponentially more meaningful – both for you and for the lucky recipient of your thoughtful gift.

Below you will find a few tips to help guide you as you begin your quest for the ideal gift. Happy Shopping!

1. Consider the Person

Take a moment and jot down everything you know about the person you are buying for. What are his or her interests? Their personality traits? Do they collect certain things? What are their hobbies? What size do they wear? Will you be seeing them in person for Christmas 2020 or will you send their gift through the mail. The more information you write down about your gift recipient, the easier it is to deduce what they might like. In fact, this step can sometimes help reveal a very specific gift idea even before you begin the actual shopping.

2. Go Back in History

The history of a person, the events of their life and the moments that you have shared with them over time can all help make selecting their gift easier. Perhaps you can recall a particularly trying time or a time of great happiness and prosperity. Maybe there is an occasion that they are fond of or that holds significant meaning for them. Nostalgia is a powerful thing and gifts that connect to a person’s experience can evoke those feelings in the blink of an eye, making them some of the most meaningful gifts.

3. Use Information Resources

Sometimes you might not know your recipient as well as you might think. If you struggle with coming up with bits of information about a person or their history, you can always search for clues on social media. People certainly share a lot of things about themselves on these platforms. Even to the point of posting links and pictures of the exact things they want for Christmas. It can be a great resource. If you cannot find out anything on Facebook or Instagram, you can always reach out to other people who might know your recipient better. Often they can provide great insight.

4. Make It About You

This does not mean what you might think. But when you consider who you are purchasing the gift for, think about the bond you share. You might be just friends. Or maybe the gift is for one of your parents. For a child or grandchild. Or maybe your spouse. Chances are your relationship has a little bit of history behind it. Try to consider what makes your bond so special. What are the specifics of the connection you share? If you are able to find a gift that speaks to what you have in common or to something specific from your time together, it will certainly touch their heart in a way that a gift card never could.

5. Give Gifts that Keep Giving

Everyone likes to get more. And then get EVEN MORE! That’s why subscription plans we offer make such perfect gifts. When you purchase a subscription plan for someone special, you take on the financial portion and your loved one reaps all the benefits. That means a wonderful surprise in the mail every month or two. And usually subscription plans are chosen by you based on your gift recipient’s unique interests and passions, so their reoccurring “surprise” is sure to always be a delight.

Thanks for taking a moment to read our tips on finding the perfect Christmas gift. Just remember, all it takes is a little thought to make the difference between an ordinary gift and an extraordinary one. Happy planning and happy holiday shopping to you all!

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