5 Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

We’ve all been there. Life gets busy, we get distracted, and we completely forget what day it is. Even what month it is sometimes. Then one morning we take a casual look at the calendar and realize… oh no, I forgot there’s a very important date coming up and I’m absolutely not ready. Sometimes this is a birthday or an anniversary, but usually the occasions that sneak up on us are the ones that have date changes every year. Occasions like Mother’s Day.

For most of us, it’s on our radar that Mother’s Day is sometime in spring. And that it falls on a Sunday. Beyond that, we have to manually search for the date or consult a calendar to find out. Are you aware of the date for Mother’s Day 2021 yet? If not, we can certainly assist you with that: it’s Sunday, May 9.

If Mother’s Day is something you have already been pondering this year, our date reveal is probably not that big of a deal. Perhaps you have even begun your shopping already. However, if you were just made aware of the date for Mother’s Day in this article, your immediate impulse might be to panic for fear that there’s not enough time left. Well, we are very happy to allay those fears.

We couldn’t just give you the date for Mother’s Day and leave it at that. No, we are completely prepared to help you be ready for Mother’s Day 2021. First, please know that it is not too late. You still have time to shop. You still have time to find a meaningful gift to share with your mom, grandma, daughter, sister, or other important mothers in your life. But you must hurry. And in order to make things a little easier, we’ve curated a wonderful shopping list. Please enjoy our Top 5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts:

A Mother’s Love Birthstone Table Centerpiece

A Mother's Love Birthstone Table Centerpiece

Instead of giving her flowers for Mother’s Day, why not give her flowers that will never lose their beauty! This spring centerpiece features an Always in Bloom® floral bouquet of the freshest-looking handcrafted hydrangeas, pink calla lilies, roses, white lilacs and cherry blossoms, arranged in an elegant, sculpted base with a hanging heart locket. Best of all, Mom will receive a selection of sparkling crystalline birthstones she can use to personalize the locket to include each of her loved ones. The centerpiece even lights up to highlight its beauty and to remind her of the way you brighten her day.

A Mother’s Journey Pendant Necklace

A Mother's Journey Pendant Necklace

A stunning celebration of a mother’s love, this gorgeous infinity necklace will keep the thought of you always close to her heart. The pendant’s solid sterling silver setting is gracefully plated in 18K gold and holds a 7.5-carat mother of pearl. 3 genuine diamonds add a touch of sparkle to the elegant design. And to symbolically reflect and remind her of your love, the heartfelt poem “A Mother’s Journey” is etched onto a keepsake mirror included with the necklace. Plus, it arrives with a jewelry pouch and gift box so you can present it to Mom on Mother’s Day.

The Love Between a Grandmother & Granddaughter Glitter Globe

The Love Between A Grandmother & Granddaughter Glitter Globe

What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for a granddaughter or grandmother! This heirloom-quality glitter globe celebrates the grandest of loves with its entwined “grandmother” and “granddaughter” heart design, showcased within a swirl of silvery glitter and hearts. And when she sees the touching sentiment expressed on the base, while the lovely strains of “Always in My Heart” are playing, she is sure to immediately think of the special bond you share. It even includes a lovely poem card as the perfect finishing touch to this musical Mother’s Day gift.

The Perfect Blend Wall Clock

The Perfect Blend Wall Clock

Is Mom a morning person? Just imagine her waking up each morning, bright-eyed and ready to face the day, and then to encounter The Perfect Blend Wall Clock. If she loves her coffee, this handcrafted timepiece will certainly make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Designed to celebrate the joy of having coffee with friends, it is quite a conversation piece with its intricately sculpted lattes, coffee bean hour markers, and coffee cup pendulum with heart-shaped steam. What an adorable way to “espresso” your love!

Country Morning Canister Collection

Country Morning Canister Collection

Every mother knows that the kitchen is the heart of a home! This Mother’s Day, you can add some old-fashioned country charm to your mom’s kitchen with these unique food-safe canisters. Each one features artwork of different rooster varieties by award-winning artist Dona Gelsinger. Plus, the very first kitchen cannister in the collection arrives with 10 FREE stickers listing common ingredients like coffee, sugar, flour, so Mom can set them up just the way she likes. Start the collection for her today and brighten her kitchen with fine feathered flair.

See something Mom would like? If you felt unprepared for Mother’s Day before, hopefully you are feeling a whole lot better now. Remember, you do still have a little time to shop, but it’s best to start as soon as possible. Especially with national carriers experiencing shipping delays due to COVID-19. We want to make sure you have an opportunity to give a meaningful gift from your heart to Mom’s. Happy Mother’s Day to you and best of luck with your last-minute shopping.

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