154. rabbit heart (raise it up)

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154. rabbit heart (raise it up)
Gift Ideas
Image by ben matthews :::
here I am, a rabbit hearted girl;
frozen in the headlights
it seems i’ve made the final sacrifice.

We raise it up, this offering.

this is a gift, it comes with a price.
who is the lamb and who is the knife?
midas is king and he holds me so tight,
and turns me to gold in the sunlight.

florence and the machine.

so i finally remembered my last thoughts from yesterdays post – i have no idea how it managed to slip my mind…

regular readers may know that i am not a patient driver. i am not overly aggressive, i just dislike bad driving. so imagine my consternation driving home from my grandparents yesterday when a car appeared in my rear-view mirror, racing rapidly up my backside.

i was overtaking at the time, so i continued (going a fraction above the speedlimit myself anyway) until i had passed them. at this point he was maybe half a car length behind me. when i pulled in, he shot past me, and roared into guildford. through roundabouts and traffic lights, i ended up directly behind him, apparently finally justifying my mother’s constant cries in similar situations of "he won’t get there any faster…."

so it seemed we were taking a similar route home, but he was still being a fool – he was in a souped up subaru, he was reving, spinning wheels, squealing round corners, the works (at least, the works if you’re a bit of a wally). eventually he pulled up about 100yards from my house. this seemed to be the point where i had decided i was tired of breathing. in my furious state, i decided to pull in behind him, and have a chat….

heart pounding, i got out of my car, and approached his window. turns out he wasn’t much smaller than me, skin-headed, and covered in tats. the only thing going for me was he also looked about 12. and petrified. i have no idea why. i explained, politely, yet firmly, that i did not appreciate him sniffing my arse as i drove home, and that in his expensive and lovely car, driving like an idiot would either kill him, or someone else. he sat there shaking, and apologising…. i almost felt sorry for him…. almost.

so i survived – got back in my car, and drove home, legs shaking, and heart pounding. i’ve never felt so terrified, but also victorious! however, i was lucky, and no matter how irritated i was, i shall not be doing it again….

Cheap, Re-Useable Gift Bags
Gift Ideas
Image by Ann Douglas
I turned these 99 cent re-usable grocery bags (that hold up to 50 lbs.) into gift bags this week. They looked really cool.

Day 1 ornament
Gift Ideas
Image by hownowdesign
To ring in the holidays, I’m planning to make one ornament per weekday for the next 20 days and will post them on my blog, Aesthetic Outburst. This is ornament ONE (and also the ornament I made for the 2010 Freshly Blended ornament swap).

Blank porcelain ball: AC Moore
Paint marker (DecoColor Opaque Paint Marker- fine line in black): AC Moore craft store.
Green ribbon: AC Moore

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